New Script! Scene Bracket

May 21, 2011 by     3 Comments    Posted under: DotNet

I’ve been going through a folder on my hard drive and seeing if there are any useful scripted nibbles that I can release to the community. This is the first, and is a script that has been used in production  for many, many, years.

It simply allows you to set up a pair of frame tags that store the current time frame you are working in. If you need to move the timeslider range to see some other animation keys, you simply press the set button to return to the stored range. This is an invaluable time saver in animation production as ranges change for each shot in a length of scene audio.

The dialog is very small too, meaning it can sit in the trackbar and not clutter up the screen space (see picture above)

Usage –

0 Key jumps the timeslider start point to frame 0

> xxxf key moves the time slider to the start time

< xxxf key moves the time slider to the end time > Set < Returns the animation range to the stored range. By clicking this button, you can replace the stored range to the current frame range.

m click and drag the dialog to a different location.

x closes the dialog

I hope you find it useful, It may not look like much, but many of the animators swear by it!