LoneRobot.net is a collection of information from my research gained during my job as a 3D Animator for TV. I have been using Maxscript since 3dsMax R3, but have recently started to take a murky peek into the DotNet world. Much of my research has come from looking at all the great examples already out there on the internet.

My main focus is to make as much sense as possible out of it, but mostly to relate it to using the dotnet framework within 3dsMax in a functional and practical way. I hope the information you find here is useful. If there is a particular tutorial or article you’d like to see on these pages, please let me know and I’d be glad to add it.

I’ve decided that due to the increasing number of articles, I’ve bit the bullet and moved it into a blog format. If you want to contact me about anything in these pages, feel free to contact via the page link above.