Shameless Plug Alert! – HitchHiker is being used at Volition Inc

Mar 31, 2010 by     No Comments    Posted under: DotNet, News, User Controls

It’s not often that you get an email from a maxscript legend like Jeff Hanna so I did have to do a double take at my inbox when it arrived. But as it transpired, Jeff had been looking to update one of the pipeline tools at games company Volition Inc.

Previously, the control used had been an ActiveX thumbnailer, but since the swap to X64 architecture, this had been made redundant. So Jeff informed me that he’d been looking for a dotnet alternative and wanted to use Hitchhiker. I implemented a couple of functionality requests and VPropShop4 is the result!


VpropShop is an asset manager used at Volition Inc. It features a beta release of Hitchiker with added maxfile support. It is also able to capture a viewport thumbnail directly from the assembly, passing the maxscript call directly to max and then returning it as a dotnet image.

Thanks to Jeff for letting me use this, It’s always nice to find out the tools on are useful and helping artists and animators get their jobs done faster, giving them more time to do the really interesting stuff.

If you have done anything with Hitchiker (or another example of whether its a simple viewer or a full asset browser please let me know, I’d love to post it.

There will be an update to Hitchhiker shortly showing the features above, plus enhanced thumbnail caching, and custom wildcard search parameters.