Adding a post build event to Visual Studio

Mar 16, 2010 by     4 Comments    Posted under: DotNet

If you are developing dotnet tools for use in 3ds studio max, you will be used to a painfully slow method of evaluating your assemblies in max, unless you do something clever with dynamic compiling. Since the assembly cannot be unloaded after loading it you are forced to exit max, copy the assembly to the dll location and start max again.

I have sped this up slightly by adding a post build event to Visual studio, which means that on a successful build of the assembly, it automatically copies the dll to my Lonerobot folder (which is where I load all my custom assemblies from)

The procedure is pretty straightforward –

Right click the solution in the solution explorer


Click Compile>Build events (the button at the bottom)


In the textbox marked ‘Post build event command line’, I enter –

COPY "$(TargetPath)" "C:Program FilesAutodesk3ds Max 2010ScriptsLoneRobotClassLib"


This will obviously be different for your assembly. This command should now copy the compiled assembly to the correct directory. Not revolutionary, but helpful me thinks.

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