We have all the time in the world

Mar 16, 2010 by     2 Comments    Posted under: Tips and Tricks

Time is commonly understood as something rather more than a linear pattern of execution. Many theoretical physicists believe in Einstein’s relativity theory which states that we are all experiencing a personal time relative to our current position in space. This intrapersonal time structure can curve and run parallel to others in space-time, potentially creating an indefinite number of alternate realities.


Einstein was obviously not a commuter, because he might have been able to spend a bit of this ‘relative’ time working out why I haven’t got any. So I’m well aware that my postings on lonerobot.net have been a little lapse as of late.

I will be adding as often as I can some maxscript hors d’oeuvres that will hopefully help with a few of the day to day things about using maxscript.

Perhaps it will grow into something sprawling and unstoppable, rather like an enormous platter of Ferrero Rocher at the Ambassador’s reception. And you will cry, “Oh Lonerobot, weev zis small snippets posting you are spoiling us no?”

That, or you’ll realise that the time you spent reading this can never be returned to you, in this reality or any number of alternate ones.