Kinetic Energy

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To commemorate the launch of 3ds max 2013, there’s no better fanfare than a wink to the past. I was searching my office in my usual dash to get my accounts in on time and found some old max install disks.This was in the days when 3ds max was owned by kinetix and users (i.e. me) spent most of their time resolving dongle authorisation issues.


That’s not to say I am trying to make the point that everything was better in the past,  but it does take you back to a halcyon age when 3d was just emerging.

I thought I’d share some screenshots and photos in the spirit of nostalgia.

3dsMax R1 has a 16 bit installer – So you can’t even run the setup in compatibility mode on a 64bit machine. I managed to copy the disc contents to my NAS and run the installer on my wife’s Dell Mini 9, which has x86 XP installed.

There’s a host of images from the disc, including some screenshots of the pre-release version of Character Studio and some early scanline renders.


I also have disks and boxes for Max r3, r6, r7, r8 and r9. I’m gutted I didn’t rescue r2 from the skip when we had a studio clear out years ago. I’ll go through these in due course and see what treasures I can find on them.


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    Do you have the movie file of the Harlequin doing the funny raindance?
    What ever happened to the procedural materials for planets etc. I seem to remember a material library in max 2.5 that allowed for some intersting procedural materials. Or did I dream it? Good to see the nostalgia.

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    Boolean Video Uploaded! Thanks everyone for your comments so far.

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    If you could upload the demo video showing the animated boolean walls and other stuff that would be real nostalgia.I remember watching that with awe when I first started learning max

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    Frank Delise works at Autodesk

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    What ever happened to Frank Delise? I remember him coming to our studio to demo the 3DSMax beta. He brought with him, what was then, the coolest portable computer we had ever seen. It was a dual P-133, if I remember correctly. It was so large that a full-sized keyboard snapped onto the front. Long gone are the days of intalling shupdate to put the Win95 shell onto Windows NT.

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    I’ve been trying to find some of these images online before, without any luck.
    Very nostalgic for me, Thanks!

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    I used to love that volcanic planet render 🙂

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