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Jul 18, 2011 by     4 Comments    Posted under: DotNet

After sitting unloved on Scriptspot since last year, WindowBox has suddenly registered over 300 votes! Many thanks to everyone who pressed the plus button, and I’m glad you have all been finding it useful. The version on Scriptspot is now on v2.3 and this latest version has better 64bit support as well as listing the Slate Material Editor.






Another  good window position script is also on Scriptspot too. Don’t forget to check out this script by Raymond H.Ingebretsen –

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    Hi mike, no worries at all. Glad you have the script working. Windowbox builds the icons when it is first run from a base 64 encoded string, hence why it doesn’t need any extra assets aside from the script itself. Cheers, LR

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    Apologies, it was a wierd UAC problem. rebooted all good!

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    Hey! Thanks a lot for this! It’s really helpful, specially doing remote work from one monitor to a workstation with 2. 😀

    But you don’t have an option for the curve editor… 🙁

    Loved how you saved the PNG into strings also!

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    So nice ! so usefull .§Thanks !

    i’m a fan of multi screen, inversing them, resizing them,….i lost so many times my windows….and not any more ! Thanks to you !
    Think i found something else but….beurk…

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