Photoshop Automation Project Update

Mar 21, 2011 by     No Comments    Posted under: Characters, DotNet, Imaging, Program Automation, Technical Research

Veteran readers will know that a few years back I published a research project into using managed code to control Photoshop using COM interop. If you are not sure of the article in question, then you can read it here.

It’s been a popular article, so it is with great pleasure that I am now publishing an update. Now that my baby girl is sleeping through the night I’m actually in a position to think clearly about programming again. The new assembly contains a few bug fixes (namely the save option didn’t work properly, oops) and some new methods. The full list can be seen in the class layout at the end of the article.

New methods –














Most of these should be self explanatory. I have chained a few of these new functions into a new automation –


On my latest batch of characters, I was making 2D cut-out style characters based on shots of real people. These PS files were constructed from a green screen shoot of the band Blue Soup.

Blue Soup

In order to get these assets into 3dsMax in order to rig the characters, each layer would have to be selected, pasted into a new document and saved. Then a work path would have to be created and exported. Not a difficult operation, but with four characters (and an average of twenty layers each) is a reasonably time consuming one. Here’s a screen grab of the action working – If you are thinking that the process takes a while on some layers, it’s because the Photoshop file is composed from 6K RAW images shot on a Canon 5D Mk2, and my old dell laptop.

So there you are, a nice time-saving action that is controlled completely via managed code. I invoked this via my test project in VS2008, but it could easily be fired off via 3dsMax itself.

Full class listing –

And as always, download the assembly below –